Kimberly Hughes is entering her fourth term (not consecutive)  as President since she joined Council in 2002 when she came on as a fill in.

She cares about her Town, wants to see progress yet allow Ellendale’s small town feel remain, as it is one of the key attractions for its residents, both old and new. She feels there is a way to do this, without being stuck in a rut. “The Town needs to grow, to remain alive,” states President Hughes. “But at the same time, it doesn’t have to be negative growth.” President Hughes states, “Change is happening all around us; Milford is moving south; and Milton is moving East, we can opt for growth and allow the Town to benefit from it, have some say in it or we can allow change to gobble us up and have no say, no benefit.” “I personally would like to have a say, have a vote, and be part of the changes in a positive way.” states President Hughes.

President Hughes gives of herself, her time and has since coming on Council in 2002. She makes herself available for its residents, developers, engineers, etc around the limited Town Hall hours. She extended the hours upon taking over in January from Tuesday & Thursday 9am-11:30am to Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm(and most days you can find her there before 9am and way past noon). She welcomes residents to stop by while she is there to address issues, voice suggestions, obtain licenses, pay taxes or just say, “Hi”.

Contact Information
Office: (302) 422-6727
Cell (302) 519-1113
President’s Email
Office Hours: Mon-Thurs. 9:00am – Noon, unless otherwise posted. Closed all Holidays