Town of Ellendale Business Licenses are Required to do Work in Town Limits

As the New Year approaches, we are reminding everyone that although this is nothing new and has been in place for quite some time, business licenses are required to do any work in the town limits of Ellendale. This includes placing your advertising signs in town limits. This is construction, lawn services, heating & air, surveying, tree work, plumbing, painting, cable and tv services, repairs, and much more; so be safe, check in with Town Hall.

Residents can help by making sure if you have anyone doing any work for you, please make sure they know a TOWN BUSINESS license is required to work in town(not just a State license). You can also call the Town office to get a list of businesses that already have a license to help you choose, which could save you money in the long run. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Signs have been posted at each end of town since 2009 when business licenses became strictly enforced. Business license applications can be found in the info section at the top under forms. The current fee for a business license is $125.00/per calendar year (no pro-rating)  A Copy of your State of Delaware license and copy of your liability insurance are REQUIRED to get a Town license.

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