There are deer that cross Main St. quite a bit at night on a regular basis as well as the roadways all around us. Use caution and slow down. Read article for more safety tips.

From DNREC: Old Article but still stands true for this time of year 2019.

DOVER (Oct. 28, 2016) – With shorter days ahead – especially after the change Nov. 6 from Daylight Savings back to Standard Time – and more 9-to-5 workers driving home at dusk, DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife reminds all Delaware motorists to be alert for deer crossing roadways.

“At the end of our work day, as we’re heading home, deer are just beginning their peak movement time,” said Emily Boyd, Division of Fish & Wildlife deer biologist. “From dusk to midnight and within a few hours of sunrise are when motorists need to be especially alert and watch for deer on the road.”

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